We are experts in supply-management, and we devote our attention only to building that core competency. Here are characteristics that distinguish SHI Supply Chain Management from others

Experienced Professionals – We recruit skilled project professionals with expertise with targeted commodity areas. These contributors are selected for a blend of supply-management strategy, negotiating skills, and solid business acumen.

Financial Impact – In today’s economy, clients desire financial benefits that are delivered rapidly with controlled risk and limited investment. We have Strategic Procurement Solutions that delivers impressive hard budget Return-On-Investment (ROI) to every client in every engagement.
Quality – Our team delivers innovative solutions that improve the quality of products & services, are appealing to users, capture the benefits of technology, and streamline ordering & settlement processes. We help clients understand both the quantitative and qualitative impact of their supply-chain opportunities.
Knowledge Transfer – This is a central theme in everything we do. Our objective is to educate and empower our client’s employees to perform their roles at a new level of excellence. On all strategic sourcing initiatives, we draw in the members of cross-functional teams so as to impart “best practices” they will use in the future.
Flexibility – We recognize that no clients have identical business needs. Our size & capability enable us to deliver flexible solutions, through engagements that fit their timeline, budget, and objectives.
Customer Focus – We neither advertise nor have a sales force. Our firm grows only through enthusiastic referrals from pleased customers. Our work is concise, professional, and focused upon exceeding clients’ expectations.



SHI has extensive experience in bonded and general cold storage. We place great emphasis on quality of service. We have trained specialist staff for all types of temperature sensitive commodities and backup generator sets to avoid disruption in power supply. If required, racking systems are available to maximise storage per room.

Whether you need help with multi-SKU inventory, a hands-on pick and pack operation or handling of one to thousands of individual parts, our fulfilment specialists can design a program for your needs.


Our real-time inventory control system allows us to optimize storage space, offer fast turnaround whatever the product or business category, and create a time-efficient, money-saving process that means lower costs for all of our customers.

We practice Smart Storage – a just in time inventory management system that offers ultimate flexibility and saves money. Our streamlined, efficient processes are designed to keep your business, goods and profits constantly moving. Ultimate, turn-on-a-dime flexibility in storage space means we can ramp up or cut back on your square footage and volume allocations based on your business’ ever changing needs.

Above all, we have developed a range of services that provide you with a hassle-free, complete service

  • Lot / batch / expiry date management
  • Order accuracy
  • Prompt order fulfilment
  • Optimal operating costs
  • Ability to customise services
  • Transparency /Visibility
  • Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Automated replenishment
  • Security
  • Customer couriers
  • Recalls
  • 24/7 web-based information access

We believe that we best serve our clients by freeing their time to attend to their core business – while we provide a balanced low risk, low fuss solution that creates exceptional warehousing and logistics results.

To deliver the warehousing outcomes that fit your business, we use lean warehousing, an agile and flexible methodology, paperless picking, adaptable productivity and analytical tools, and provide project management to assist with your warehouse move.

Our focus is to provide you with a tailored solution that increases accuracy and your profits

How we operate

Our comprehensive healthcare warehousing solutions and value added services take care of every step of your supply chain: from receipt of goods, to distribution


We provide smooth, fully project-managed transitions that include project and move plans, standard operating procedures, stock take and transport management.

You have access-control from initial receipt to final shipment. Our high density pallet storage is cost and space efficient and our operations are designed to handle broad range of products.

At SHI Warehousing we like to call it Intelligent Logistics!

That’s what our clients want – and that’s what we provide.

Intelligent Logistics | Passion and Tranquility | Accuracy & Speed – Batch, Lot & Serial Tracking – Track & Trace – 24/7 Real Time Access


Wherever your goods must be moved or stored, we can develop the most efficient and effective way to meet your requirements. Our broad portfolio of services enables us to provide optimized and streamlined supply chain services, so you can focus on your core capabilities and on meeting your customers’ expectations.

Our network of nationwide distribution facilities, combined with our partnership with global transportation services, enables same-day critical order fulfillment and returns management.

Capabilities in logistics design, re-engineering and management, and service parts logistics make us the provider to turn to when you want a single, trusted source for product or parts distribution. Our vehicles are equipped with Data loggers (Temperature & Humidity)

We also have FGN plates which enables us to move commodities around the country.

We offer services in:

  • Order Fulfillment: Pick & Pack
  • Facility Assessment (Storage & Fleet)
  • Minor Repair and Refurbishment
  • Value-Added Services
  • Operations Research

Through our network of facilities, we have the experience and the knowledge to make your business work better.

SHI-Logistics gives you the ability to serve customers of any size, anywhere, to their exact specifications. Our end-to-end distribution services include everything from inbound material flow to finished goods warehousing, inventory management, inspections, returns handling — and of course, delivery. It’s the full support you need to get the right products to the right places, on time and in excellent condition.