Semlek Rawlings Ritji: Heads the Supply Chain Management unit. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Sciences and an MBA from University of Jos, Nigeria, He is currently pursuing an M,Sc in Procurement Logistics and supply chain management from Salford University Manchester in collaboration with the Prestigious Robert Kennedy College Switzerland (In View).

A graduate of GIS Logistics from the Public Health Institute of India;

He has over 6 years of significant experience in the Supply Chain of Commodities at both the National, State and Service Delivery Points (SDPs) with a good understanding of hard-to-reach terrains and propensity for providing ingenious options in uncertain environments. He has in-depth understanding of the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Storage and Distribution context.

He has had trainings from USAID, Global Fund, the University of Ghana Business School Legon, in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Transport, LMIS, warehousing and Inventory management. He has received certified training on prince 2 Project Management.

A professional member of the UK arm of Logistics and Transport (MILT-UK)

The Institute of Purchasing and Supply Administrators of Nigeria (IPSAN)