Sustainable Healthcare International (SHI) is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on strengthening mechanisms that promote sustainable healthcare in Nigeria. Our areas of core strength are in

  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Training,
  • Behaviour Change Communication,
  • Monitoring and Evaluation,
  • Procurement and Warehousing.

In 2000, world leaders came together to adopt the United Nations Millennium Declaration with the goal of meeting eight time-bound targets for 2015 commonly known as the Millennium Development Goals. SHI is committed to doing what it can to help Nigeria meet its Millennium Development goal for Combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases. SHI is focused primarily however, on the combat against Malaria. Over the years, our reputation for excellence in our key service delivery areas (in Malaria as well as other health sectors) has made the SHI brand highly reputable andrecognisable. We are currently sub-recipients of the Global Fund/NMEP (National Malaria Elimination Program) Round 8 Phase 2 carrying out Behavioural Change Communication activities in 18 states as well as supply and distribution of malaria therapies called ACTs (Artemisinin Combined Therapy).

The Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) is a vital component in the fight against malaria. It is a strategy employed to modify/influence behaviour or practices in malaria which indirectly or directly promotes health by preventing malaria. SHI has carried out successful road shows to raise the awareness of malaria prevention and treatment among the Nigerian people in 18 states. Furthermore, engaging the local community leaders and policy makers as well as religious leaders through advocacy visits has helped further our outreach into remote areas. We find that the use of the music and drama is highly effective in the spread of the malaria message. Most indigenes of communities are excited to be a part of the Road Show audience. They are always keen to join in the dancing exercises or in the one- on-one intervention exercises.

SHI is a formidable place to work. It is headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria with staff strength of 110. We have field workers in 36 states carrying out monitoring and evaluation exercises of primary healthcare centres and conducting the distribution of Acts in the various communities. At SHI, our staff understands and adheres to the core values system of respect, hard work and camaraderie.

This is possible through the leadership of the Project Director Pharm. Mike O. Omotosho.

Our Expertise

Supply Chain Management


Behaviour Change Communication


Monitoring & Evaluation


Performance Based Financing


Training & Capacity Building



Dr. Mike Omotosho

Chief Executive Officer

Adedayo Fatoke

Chief Oversight Officer

Anatasia Oleribe

Head, Internal Audit

William Elokun

Head, Finance

Ugobi Ede

Head, Human Resource/Legal

Semlek Rawlings Ritji

Semlek Rawlings Ritji

Head, Supply Chain Management Unit

Ifeyinwa Chime

M&E Manager