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RFQ Number: 0001 SHI NFM-GF PROJ

Issuance Date: 15th November 2016

Deadline for Offers: 22nd November, 2016, 4.30pm, Local Abuja, Nigerian time

Description: Supplies of office related stationeries for an initial 1 year period from November 2016

For: SHI Foundation under the NFM Grant

Funded By: The New Funding Model Grant for Global Fund on Malaria to SHI as a sub recipient and subsequently to SHI Foundation and Logistics

Implemented By: SHI Foundation and SHI Logistics

Point of Contact:


SHI is committed to integrity in procurement, and only selects suppliers based on objective business criteria such as price and technical merit. SHI expects suppliers to comply with globally acceptable Standards of Business Conduct

SHI does not tolerate fraud, collusion among offerors, falsified proposals/bids, bribery, or kickbacks. Any firm or individual violating these standards will be disqualified from this procurement, barred from future procurement opportunities, and may be reported to both GFA and other prosecuting bodies.

Employees and agents of SHI are strictly prohibited from asking for or accepting any money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, object of value or compensation from current or potential vendors or suppliers in exchange for or as a reward for business. Employees and agents engaging in this conduct are subject to termination and will be reported to GFA and relevant agencies for prosecution.

Offerors responding to this RFQ must include the following as part of the proposal submission:

Disclose any close, familial, or financial relationships with SHI or project staff. For example, if an offerors cousin is employed by the project, the offeror must state this.

Disclose any family or financial relationship with other offerors submitting proposals. For example, if the offerors father owns a company that is submitting another proposal, the offeror must state this.

Certify that the prices in the offer have been arrived at independently, without any consultation, communication, or agreement with any other offeror or competitor for the purpose of restricting competition.

Certify that all information in the proposal and all supporting documentation are authentic and accurate. Certify understanding and agreement to SHI prohibitions against fraud, bribery and kickbacks.

Please contact with any questions or concerns regarding the above information or to report any potential violations. Potential violations may also be reported directly to SHI head office in Abuja through the contact information listed above.

Section 1: Instructions to Offerors

  1. Introduction: Sustainable healthcare international foundation is an indigenous Non governmental organization committed to delivering sustainable healthcare services to improve the health status of Nigerians by strengthening health systems to provide effective, efficient and quality: accessible and affordable health services.

SHI focuses in the area of program management, Behavior change in communication (BCC), Capacity building, Monitoring and evaluation, Health research to reduce disease prevalence in Nigeria; and Supply chain operations of health related commodities.

SHI is a sub recipient; an implementation partner of the New funding Model (NFM) Project funded by the Global fund in Nigeria.

The PSM unit under the project reserves the mandate to source vendors for the procurement of work related commodities, products and services to ensure quality program deliverables. As part of project activities, the PSM unit requires the procurement of stationeries to the project and as agreed by SHI.

The timeframe for execution of any award resulting from this RFQ is estimated to be from November 18, 2016 to on or about November 30, 2016.

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received by SHI in accordance with the instructions, terms, and conditions described in this RFQ. Failure to adhere with instructions described in this RFQ may lead to disqualification of an offer from consideration.

  1. Offer Deadline and Protocol: Offers must be received by email or by hand no later than the time and date stated on the cover page of this RFQ. Any emailed offers must be emailed to Note that hard copy submission should be addressed to the Head of Procurement SHI Foundation Abuja.

Please reference the RFQ number in any response to this RFQ. Offers received after the specified time and date will be considered late and will be considered only at the discretion of SHI.

  1. Questions: Questions regarding product description and delivery requirements/ technicality required for this RFQ may be submitted no later than 10.00am, November 22nd, 2016 by email to Questions must be submitted in writing; phone calls will not be accepted. Questions and requests for clarificationand the responses theretothat SHI believes may be of interest to other offerors will be communicated to all RFQ recipients who have indicated an interest in bidding.

Only the written answers issued by SHI will be considered official and carry weight in the RFQ process and subsequent evaluation. Any verbal information received from employees of SHI or any other entity should not be considered as an official response to any questions regarding this RFQ.

  1. Scope of Work: The Offeror selected as a result of this RFQ will be required to SUPPLY STATIONERIES as requested through an LPO from SHI
  1. The selected offeror (s) shall be responsible for supplying quality stationeries with warranty to SHI.
  2. The selected offeror(s) shall be responsible for delivering the stationeries to SHI in good condition.
  1. Deliverable: The period of performance of any award resulting from this RFQ is November 22nd , 2016 to November 30, 2016. The awarded offeror shall deliver the following services set forth in this RFQ in accordance with this schedule.

Deliverable No. 1. The offerors must provide a valid documentation to support deliveries and payment request listed below:

  • PODs proof of deliveries dully signed by both parties
  • Populated LPO with offered and accepted quotes
  • Invoices and relevant receipts supporting quoted cost
  1. Quotations: Quotations in response to this RFQ must be priced on a fixed-price, all-inclusive basis, including delivery and all other costs. Pricing must be presented in Nigerian Naira. Offers must remain valid for not less than thirty (30) calendar days after the offer deadline. Offerors are requested to provide quotations on the provided proforma template attached to the RFQ

SHI at her choosing may select more than one supplier as her vendor

  1. Delivery: The delivery location for the items described in this RFQ will be communicated on award to the selected vendor; however SHI is located on N0:38 Asheik Jarma Street Jabi Abuja.
  1. Warranty: Warranty service and repair is required for all supplies under this RFQ. The warranty coverage must be valid on all products for a minimum of 3-6 months after delivery and acceptance of the products, unless otherwise specified in the technical specifications.
  1. Taxes and VAT:

The agreement under which this procurement is financed does not permit the financing of any taxes, VAT, tariffs, duties, or other levies imposed by any laws in effect in the Cooperating Country. No such Cooperating Country taxes, VAT, charges, tariffs, duties or levies will be paid under an order resulting from this RFQ. According to the Nigerian withholding tax law, SHI is required to withhold the subcontractor/vendor taxes from the gross amount payable to all Nigerian for-profit. In accordance with this requirement, SHI shall withhold 5% for goods and 10% for services provided.

  1. Eligibility: By submitting an offer in response to this RFQ, the offeror certifies that it and its principal officers are not involved in any prosecution with any criminal agency either within or outside Nigeria.
  1. Evaluation and Award: The award will be made to a responsible offeror whose offer follows the RFQ instructions, meets the eligibility requirements, and meets or exceeds the minimum required product specifications, and is judged to be the best value based on a lowest-price, technically-acceptable basis, and delivery lead time.

Please note that if there are significant deficiencies regarding responsiveness to the requirements of this RFQ, an offer may be deemed non-responsive and thereby disqualified from consideration. SHI reserves the right to waive immaterial deficiencies at its discretion.

Best-offer quotations are requested. It is anticipated that award will be made solely on the basis of these original quotations. However, SHI reserves the right to conduct any of the following:

o SHI may conduct negotiations with and/or request clarifications from any offeror prior to award.

o While preference will be given to offerors who can address the full Supplyl requirements of this RFQ,

o SHI may issue a partial award or split the award among various suppliers, if its in her best interest.

o SHI may cancel this RFQ at any time.

Please note that in submitting a response to this RFQ, the offeror understands that GFA is not a party to this solicitation and the offeror agrees that any protest hereunder must be presented in writing with full explanationsto the PSM unit of SHI Foundation for consideration, as the GFA will not consider protests regarding procurements carried out by implementing partners. SHI, at its sole discretion, will make a final decision on the protest for this procurement.

  1. Terms and Conditions: This is a Request for Quotations only. Issuance of this RFQ does not in any way obligate SHI; the PSM unit, or GFA to make an award or pay for costs incurred by potential offerors in the preparation and submission of an offer.

This solicitation is subject to SHIs standard terms and conditions. Any resultant award will be governed by these terms and conditions; a copy of the full terms and conditions is available upon request. Please note the following terms and conditions will apply:

(a) Any award resulting from this RFQ will be firm fixed unit price, in the form of a subcontract.

(b) SHI shall not tolerate sub-standard product supplies and such shall be returned and not charged even if product seal is destroyed

(c) SHIs standard payment terms are within 30 days after receipt and acceptance of any deliverables. Payment will only be issued to the entity submitting the offer in response to this RFQ and identified in the resulting award; payment will not be issued to a third party.

(d) The title to any product supplied under any award resulting from this RFQ shall pass to SHI following delivery and acceptance of the goods by SHI. Risk of loss, injury, or destruction of the product on transit or under any circumstance shall be borne by the offeror until title passes to SHI.

Section 2: Offer Checklist

To assist offerors in preparation of proposals, the following checklist summarizes the documentation to include an offer in response to this RFQ:

□ Cover letter, signed by an authorized representative of the offeror (see Section 4 for template)

□ Official quotation, including specifications of offered equipment (see Proforma for example format)

□ Copy of offerors CAC or business name registration certificate, tax clearance.

Complete bank account details

You must submit your quotation in the above order of documents mentioned. Printing the RFQ and stamping each page is not required

Section 3: Specifications and Technical Requirements

The table below contains the technical requirements of the product/services. Offeror (s) are requested to provide quotations containing the information below on official letterhead or official quotation format. In the event this is not possible, offerors may complete this section 3 and submit a signed/stamped version to SHI.

Staple pin (Big)
Staple pin (small)
Stick Note
Hp Toner 05A
Hp 920 XL Yellow
Hp 920 XL Pink
Hp 920 XL Blue
Hp 920 XL Noir
Hp Ink 21 (Noir)
Hp Ink 22 (Tri Colour)
HP Ink 122 (Tri Colour)
HP Ink 122 (Noir)
HP Ink 135 (Tri Colour)
HP Ink 130 (Black/Noir)
12 A Toner
Hp 80A
Hp 85A
Hp Toner 131A YELLOW
Hp Toner 131A PINK
Hp Toner 131A BLUE
Hp Toner 131A BLACK
Paper files
A4 Paper
A3 Paper
Sharp Toner for AR-m316 Photocopier
Sharp Toner AR-208T
Paper clips
Arch Files
Internet cable
Cellotape (big)
Cellotape (small)
Flash Drive
Box files
Small Envelopes
UPS 650 VA
Permanent Marker
Big Envelope

Section 4: Offer Cover Letter

The following cover letter must be placed on letterhead and completed/signed/stamped by a representative authorized to sign on behalf of the offeror:


No. 38 Asheik Jarma Street Jabi Off Mike Ahkigbe way Abuja, FCT

Reference: RFQ No. 0001 SHI-NFM-GF-PROJ

To Whom It May Concern:

We, the undersigned, hereby provide the attached offer to perform all work required to complete the activities and requirements as described in the above-referenced RFQ. Please find our offer attached.

We hereby acknowledge and agree to all terms, conditions, special provisions, and instructions included in the above-referenced RFQ. We further certify that the below-named firmas well as the firms principal officers and all products and services offered in response to this RFQare eligible to participate in this procurement under the terms of this solicitation and under SHI/NFM GF regulations.

Furthermore, we hereby certify that, to the best of our knowledge and belief:

We have no close, familial, or financial relationships with any SHI or PSM Unit / GFA staff member

We have no close, familial, or financial relationships with any other offerors submitting proposals in response to the above-referenced RFQ; and

The prices in our offer have been arrived at independently, without any consultation, communication, or agreement with any other offeror or competitor for the purpose of restricting competition.

All information in our proposal and all supporting documentation is authentic and accurate. We understand and agree to SHIs prohibitions against fraud, bribery, and kickbacks.

We hereby certify that the enclosed representations, certifications, and other statements are accurate, current, and complete.

Authorized Signature:

Name and Title of Signatory:


Company Name:

Company Address:

Company Telephone and Website:

Company Registration or Taxpayer ID

Does the company have an active bank account (Yes/No)?

Official name associated with bank account (for payment):

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